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Our maids work tirelessly to deliver the best commercial and house cleaning service in the Cypress, Texas area – and they have done this for a number of years. Throughout that time, we’ve managed to forge a reputation in our community as a reliable and trustworthy operation, with a willingness to be flexible if it means accommodating your needs. To be the best home cleaner around, you need a steadfast focus and a dedication to quality, and that’s just what we deliver. We’re very proud of the high standards we always adhere to wherever we’re working, and we stand behind the results our staff produce on a regular basis.


We’ve created our service provisions with the wellbeing of our customers in mind – making sure that they’re comprehensive in nature, and able to cover any needs or requests that those in the Cypress community might have for us. We can help sanitize any area of your property, and we’ll do so with a smile on our face. Whether you’re looking for a residential or commercial cleaning service, we’re the company for you. You can find plenty of information on the services we deliver on this website, or by reaching out to our customer service team on the phone.


Concrete is a wonderful material for so many applications, and sees use in driveways, patios, countertops, and so many more parts of homes and businesses. Stamped concrete is a more decorative option than plain concrete, allowing for lots of patterns and embossments, or even mimicry of other surface material patterns (like wood, brick, or slate, for example). With all the practical benefits of concrete, but with considerably more aesthetic versatility, stamped concrete could be an excellent choice for you.

Deep Cleaning

Some people are prepared to handle the normal cleaning duties, like vacuuming and wiping down countertops, but will do anything to avoid deep cleaning tasks – and we understand why. These jobs require serious hard graft, and it’s hard to achieve results yourself that are possible through professional cleaning teams. We can handle carpet stain removal and cleaning, window cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and so much more. Our carpet cleaning team is particularly popular, as we manage to give your floor a makeover that gives it a ‘brand new’ look.

Residential Cleaning

You can shower love on your home, your family, and yourself by investing our home cleaners provision. You’ll have more time and energy to focus on other activities, and we’ll cover cleaning the entire property if that’s what you want – creating an environment without nasty allergens and poor air quality.

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial properties take a battering from the constant and intense use that they experience, and if you care about how your business appears to customers, employees, and prospective business partners, you’ll do everything possible to keep your spaces clean and tidy. We can handle any cleaning task you require of us in an office, retail environment, or anywhere else – you need only reach out to us. Working around your schedule, this is an affordable service that always puts your needs first.

Move In/Move Out

When you’re moving into or out of a property, there’s a lot of stress and anxiety involved – because there’s usually so much you need to keep on top of. By hiring a move in or move out cleaner, you’re ensuring that you get your deposit back from your landlord, and that you have a great clean slate to enjoy your new home in. You’re saving time and energy by investing in our service, and it’s hard to find that peace of mind anywhere else.

Apartment Cleaning

By hiring an apartment cleaning service, you can save you and your roommates from squabbling over who has to do what – and at a very affordable price point. We also manage cleaning the common areas throughout the rest of the building, which does a good job of enticing prospective tenants into signing a lease.

“Many thanks to the team at Cypress Home Cleaners for help with moving out. Truth be told I let the place become a total mess, and it was too much for me to handle. They got it back in shipshape, and I’ve since had my deposit returned to me. Keep up the great work!” – Ted P.

“I completely recommend the team at Cypress Home Cleaners if you need a regular office cleaning team. The previous company we used was more expensive and did a poorer job, so it’s been a great change for us. Affordable, professional, and punctual – really a top outfit.” – Martin W.

“Thank you to everyone involved with the deep clean of my grandma’s home – I am in shock at how well it’s been managed. This place needed a deep clean, and Cypress Home Cleaners has delivered big time. I can’t thank the team enough – 5 STARS!!” – Jenny M.


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If you’re looking for professional business and house cleaners, we’re the ones for you. Our company has a rock solid track record that shows we’ll do everything we can to give you a clean and comfortable property. Our cleaners are professional and punctual, and they work with a smile. You can find out more information on the services that they provide, and their availability, by getting in touch with our customer service team. They’re accessible through our main telephone number during normal operating hours, and you can also reach them through our online contact form. Both contact provisions are available on our website. We look forward to hearing from you soon!



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