Housekeeping Services

While many people undertake regular cleaning procedures in their home, far fewer people put in the work to take on the deep cleaning tasks – the heavy duty processes that will truly purge the dirt and mess from your property and get it sparkling clean. At Cypress Home Cleaners, our maids and deep cleaning professionals are ready and waiting to serve you with our powerful cleaning solutions. We’ve carried out deep cleaning at both domestic and commercial properties, and stunned our customers in the process – the results that we can deliver to you will take your breath away. Read on below for further details on this service provision, and why it might be right for you.

A Clean Slate

Quite often, properties slowly build up a level of grime in the background that isn’t particularly perceptible to those who live there – it happens to the best of us! In those cases, it can be really helpful to get a deep cleaning session in so that you have a clean slate that you can try to maintain. It’s much easier to keep a clean room in a good condition than it is to purge dirt from a very unclean space. We’ll do all the hard work for you, allowing you to take over once the environment is spick and span.

Carpet Cleaning

When we think about epoxy coatings, we tend to immediately think about the practical benefits, because they’re so considerable and wide ranging – but you actually gain some aesthetic advantages when you invest in this service too. Epoxy coatings give a garage floor a sleek and smart appearance, and do a really good job of hiding any existing marks or defects that would otherwise ruin the look of the space. The shiny surface looks great, effectively dovetailing with decorative lighting, and you have numerous color options at your fingertips if you decide to go with a paint too.

Furniture Cleaning

Upholstery, sofa and couch cleaning is a great provision for people that love their furniture, and don’t want to replace it, but are sick of looking at the blotches and marks that have managed to find their way onto the surface. We’ll get your furniture back in its best condition, and there’s no chance that our cleaning team will cause any damage to these valued possessions during the process. We’re well aware that the cost of replacing a couch can be prohibitively expensive, and we’ll treat your belonging with all the respect it deserves.

Window Cleaning

One of the other often neglected areas of any property are the windows – both inside and out. We get so used to looking at dirty windows that sometimes we don’t notice just how bad they are, and when they’re finally cleaned, the dazzling returns are astonishing to us. Any before and after visual will quickly make the case for this cleaning procedure. Our cleaners will take to the necessary heights to get the work completed, taking on the potentially hazardous task so that you don’t have to.



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